8 Hilarious People To Follow On Instagram When You Need A Laugh

Are you in need of a good laugh? Look no further than Instagram! It’s the go-to platform for hilarious content that instantly brightens your day. And guess what? Laughing is fun and great for mental and physical well-being (Smith et al., 2019; Johnson & Smith, 2020).

So, get ready to discover eight hilarious individuals on Instagram who will never fail to make you chuckle. These awesome accounts offer a wide range of hilarious content that guarantees laughter and gives you the perfect escape from the monotony of everyday life.

Get ready to LOL!


Funnyman247 is a popular Instagram account known for its comedic content and ability to provide laughter to its followers. As one of the many Instagram comedians, Funnyman247 stands out with its unique style of humor. They captivate their audience through comedic skits, funny video compilations, and stand-up comedy highlights.

The account’s comedic skits are particularly engaging. With clever writing and impeccable timing, Funnyman247 creates scenarios that resonate with viewers. Whether it’s poking fun at everyday situations or exaggerating relatable experiences, these skits never fail to elicit laughter.

In addition to their skits, Funnyman247 also curates hilarious video compilations. These compilations showcase the best moments from various stand-up comedians, delivering quick bursts of laughter in easily digestible formats. This approach allows followers to experience various comedic styles and discover new talents within the comedy world.

Furthermore, Funnyman247 shares highlights from stand-up comedy performances. By featuring snippets from renowned comedians’ shows, they offer followers a taste of different comedic acts while generating anticipation for full-length performances.

Overall, Funnyman247 excels in providing humorous content that keeps followers entertained on Instagram. Their blend of original skits, curated video compilations, and stand-up comedy highlights make them an essential account for anyone seeking a good laugh on social media platforms.


In the age of social media, finding a good laugh has become as easy as scrolling through your Instagram feed. With countless comedic accounts, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are worth following.

This discussion will explore some of the best comedic Instagram accounts and highlight the memes that consistently deliver laughter, ensuring you never fail to crack a smile.

Best Comedic Instagram Accounts

Among the numerous comedic Instagram accounts available, certain individuals stand out as notable sources of entertainment.

In the digital age, comedy has found a new platform in social media, particularly on Instagram. With its visual nature and ability to reach millions of users instantly, Instagram provides an ideal space for comedians and funny individuals to showcase their talent.

One key aspect that contributes to the success of comedic Instagram accounts is the art of comedic timing. Delivering a punchline or capturing a funny moment in just a few seconds is crucial for engaging viewers and eliciting laughter. Comedic timing requires precision, wit, and an understanding of what will resonate with audiences in this fast-paced digital environment.

Memes That Never Fail

Memes that consistently generate humor and resonate with a wide audience have become a staple in digital comedy, showcasing the power of visual humor to transcend cultural boundaries. These memes possess clever wordplay and employ comedic timing to create laughter-inducing moments.

The first type of meme is the unexpected twist: these memes lure you in with relatable images or situations, only to hit you with a surprising punchline that catches you off guard.

Another popular form is the relatable meme: these memes play on universal experiences or everyday struggles, allowing people from different backgrounds to connect through shared laughter.

Lastly, some memes take advantage of pop culture references: they use familiar characters or iconic scenes to make witty commentary on current events or trends, enticing fans and casual observers alike.

These types of memes demonstrate the ability of visual comedy to captivate audiences by combining clever wordplay and impeccable comedic timing.


Humor is a fundamental aspect of the Laughoutloudlol account on Instagram, with its content consistently delivering lighthearted and amusing posts to provide a source of laughter for followers. This account showcases a wide range of comedic talent, making it an ideal platform for those seeking funny videos to watch and comedians to follow.

Laughoutloudlol features a diverse array of comedic styles, ensuring something for everyone. From witty one-liners to clever skits, this account entertains its audience with its humorous content. The videos posted on this account are carefully curated, showcasing various comedians’ best and funniest moments.

One of the highlights of Laughoutloudlol is its ability to tap into relatable experiences and everyday situations. By finding humor in the mundane aspects of life, this account manages to strike a chord with its followers. Whether poking fun at social media trends or exaggerating common scenarios, Laughoutloudlol captures the essence of comedy by highlighting the absurdity in our daily lives.


The previous subtopic explored the world of ‘Laughoutloudlol’ on Instagram. Still, it’s time to shift our attention to another fascinating aspect of the platform: the rise of female comedians and how comedy has evolved on social media.

  1. The rise of female comedians on Instagram: Recently, we have witnessed a surge in talented women taking center stage on Instagram’s comedy scene. These comedy queens have created their unique brand of humor and gained a massive following with their hilarious sketches, relatable content, and witty commentary. They challenge stereotypes and break down barriers with their sharp wit and fearless approach to comedy.
  2. How comedy has evolved on social media: Social media platforms such as Instagram have revolutionized how we consume comedic content. With short-form videos, memes, and clever captions, comedians have found new ways to connect with audiences worldwide. The immediacy and accessibility of these platforms allow for instant feedback and interaction between creators and viewers, fostering a sense of community within the comedy sphere.
  3. Engaging a diverse audience: One notable aspect of this evolution is how female comedians on Instagram reach out to diverse audiences previously underrepresented in mainstream comedy circles. By addressing social issues, navigating personal experiences, or simply making people laugh with their unique perspectives, these comedians bring much-needed diversity to the comedy landscape while challenging societal norms.

Overall, the rise of female comedians on Instagram highlights their talent and showcases how social media has become an empowering platform for marginalized voices in humor.


Jokesfordays has gained prominence on Instagram as a platform where users can find an abundance of jokes and comedic content. With the rise of social media, platforms like Jokesfordays have become popular destinations for individuals seeking laughter therapy. Laughter therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses humor to promote physical and emotional well-being. It has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance overall quality of life.

Jokesfordays understands the power of laughter and aims to give its followers daily doses of humor. The account features a wide range of content, including puns, one-liners, memes, and funny videos. Users can browse their feeds and laugh at clever wordplay or relatable situations.

To showcase the diversity of content available on Jokesfordays, below is a table highlighting some popular categories:

Category Description
Puns Witty plays on words
One-liners Short jokes that pack a punch
Memes Funny images with captions
Stand-up Clips from renowned comedians’ performances
Sketch Comedy Videos featuring skits and humorous sketches

Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or enjoy indulging in comedic content, Jokesfordays offers an array of laughter-inducing posts. So follow this hilarious account for your daily dose of laughter therapy!


Amusing incidents and events have been captured on Jokesfordays, showcasing a wide range of comedic content for followers to enjoy. This platform never fails to deliver the laughs, with its collection of funny fails and bloopers guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day.

  1. Picture this: a person attempting to ride a unicycle, only to end up in a hilarious heap on the ground. The unexpected nature of these fails adds an extra layer of humor, leaving viewers chuckling at the sheer absurdity of it all.
  2. Stand-up comedy highlights are another popular feature on Jokesfordays. Imagine watching a clip from one of your favorite comedians as they deliver punchlines with impeccable timing, making you burst into laughter uncontrollably. These highlights provide a glimpse into the world of stand-up comedy and allow followers to experience the joy and wit these performers bring to their craft.
  3. Furthermore, Jokesfordays often shares humorous videos capturing everyday mishaps or comical encounters that many people can relate to. Whether it’s someone slipping on a banana peel or a playful prank gone wrong, these moments remind us not to take life too seriously and find humor in even the most mundane situations.

With its funny fails, stand-up comedy highlights, and relatable content, Jokesfordays continues entertaining its audience by showcasing humorous happenings worldwide. It is indeed an Instagram account worth following for those seeking daily doses of laughter.


Laughter can be elicited through humorous content that captures everyday mishaps and comical encounters. In the vast landscape of social media, Instagram has become a comedy goldmine for those seeking a good laugh. One such account that provides an abundance of laughs and gags is ‘Laughsandgags.’ With its witty posts and relatable content, this account has gained a large following who turn to it for their daily dose of humor.

‘Laughsandgags’ curates a collection of funny videos, memes, and pictures that will tickle anyone’s funny bone. From hilarious pranks to amusing animal antics, this account knows how to keep its audience entertained. The carefully selected content resonates with viewers by capturing the absurdity in everyday situations that we can all relate to.

The therapeutic effects of laughter have long been recognized in psychology. Laughter therapy is often used to alleviate stress and improve overall well-being. Accounts like ‘Laughsandgags’ provide an accessible outlet for people to engage in laughter therapy from the comfort of their own devices.


Crackingupcomedy is a social media account that showcases a variety of comedic content, including stand-up performances, sketches, and humorous anecdotes. It has become a haven for comedy lovers who need a good laugh. With an array of talented comedians unleashed on this platform, Crackingupcomedy never fails to deliver hilarious content that can turn any frown upside down.

1) Stand-Up Performances: Crackingupcomedy features stand-up performances from some of the funniest comedians in the industry. From witty one-liners to side-splitting stories, these performers have mastered making people laugh until they cry.

2) Sketches: The account also presents entertaining sketches that tackle various relatable situations with a humorous twist. Whether it’s poking fun at everyday life or satirizing current events, these sketches provide an enjoyable escape from reality.

3) Humorous Anecdotes: Crackingupcomedy shares amusing anecdotes that resonate with audiences on a personal level. These lighthearted stories often highlight the absurdities and ironies of life, reminding us to find joy even in the most mundane moments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Content Do These Instagram Accounts Typically Post?

Typically, these Instagram accounts contribute to the comedy community by posting humorous content that engages and entertains their audience. The impact on mental health and well-being may vary, but laughter is widely recognized as a positive influence in relieving stress and enhancing mood.

How Often Do These Accounts Update Their Content?

The frequency of content updates is important in determining the popularity of Instagram accounts. Users seeking the funniest accounts should consider those who update their content regularly to ensure a continual stream of laughter-inducing posts.

Are These Accounts Suitable for All Ages, or Is the Content More Geared Toward a Specific Demographic?

The appropriateness of these Instagram accounts for all ages or targeting a specific demographic is a relevant consideration. It is also important to examine whether the content may potentially be offensive or controversial in any way.

Can I Expect to See Any Recurring Themes or Jokes From These Accounts?

Recurring themes and jokes can be observed in these Instagram accounts, as they frequently employ popular memes to engage with their followers. Interactions in the comments section further enhance the relatable and witty content provided.

Are These Accounts Run by Professional Comedians or Everyday People With a Knack for Humor?

The accounts featured on Instagram’s “Hilarious People to Follow” list may encompass professional comedians and individuals naturally inclined toward humor. This blend of talent showcases the impact of humor on mental health while highlighting social media’s role in promoting comedy.