How to Hide Your Birthday on Twitter: Taking Control of Privacy in 2024

In this hyper-connected digital era, it’s hard not to share your life with the world. Every picture, every status, every celebration; it all goes on your social media. But there’s something to be said about keeping some details private, like your birthday. With the rise in cyber threats and identity theft, you might be wondering: “How can I protect myself?” One easy step is learning how to hide your birthday on Twitter.

Twitter is a fantastic platform for sharing ideas, connecting with others, and staying up-to-date on all that is trending. But sometimes, the most personal details can become a tool for nefarious uses in the wrong hands. And that’s why we’re here today—to help you take a step towards bolstering your online privacy.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of setting controls to keep your personal information (like your birthday) undisclosed. This isn’t just about hiding the date you were born. It’s about protecting your right to privacy and making informed decisions about what you share online.

Welcome to your comprehensive guide on how to hide your birthday on Twitter. Stay tuned, and let’s together make your experience on Twitter not just enjoyable but also secure.

Why Hide Your Birthday on Twitter?

So, you’ve found yourself seeking the answer to “how to hide your birthday on Twitter“, and you’ve likely thought about why it’s important to do so. In this section, we’ll explore some reasons why concealing your birthday on the social media giant might be a smart move for you.

Enhancing Cybersecurity

First and foremost, whenever discussing online privacy, cybersecurity should always be a primary concern. Your birthday might seem like an innocuous piece of information, but it could be instrumental in digital identity theft or ‘doxing’. Cybercriminals often piece together various bits of publicly available information to steal identities or perpetrate scams, making it wise to share as little personal information as possible.

Avoiding Unwanted Attention

Sharing your birthday on Twitter can lead to well-meant birthday wishes from friends, but it can also attract the attention of individuals you’d rather not interact with. By not making your birthdate public, you can bypass these unnecessary interactions.

Maintaining Personal Boundaries

Unlocking the knowledge of ‘how to hide your birthday on Twitter‘ isn’t just about fending off cyber criminals or avoiding unwanted attention—it’s also a matter of personal boundaries and choice. Some people might prefer to keep their age private or celebrate their birthdays off-screen, enjoying the moment with near and dear ones. After all, everyone has their unique comfort level when it comes to sharing personal information online.

There are plenty of valid reasons to choose to hide your birthday on Twitter. The key here is to make conscious decisions about your digital privacy, rather than blindly accepting the default settings of the platform.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Hide Your Birthday on Twitter

The fear of your birthday getting into the wrong hands might seem overwhelming at first. However, the good news is that Twitter provides an easy way to manage who can see your birthday on your profile. In this section, we walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to hide your birthday on Twitter.

Step 1: Log into Your Twitter Account

You need to be logged in to your Twitter account to adjust your settings. So, start by opening Twitter on your preferred web browser or the Twitter app on your mobile device and log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Profile Settings

When you’re on your Twitter home screen, look for your profile icon (usually a small circular image in the top left or right corner). Click or tap on this image, which will reveal a dropdown menu. From this menu, select the option that says ‘Profile.’

Step 3: Edit Profile

Next, in your profile section, you should look for an ‘Edit Profile’ button on the right side of your screen, just under your cover photo. Click or tap on this button.

Step 4: Adjusting Your Birthday Visibility

Under the section that says ‘Birth date,’ you’ll see a date (if previously saved) or an option to add your birthday. To change, click or tap on this field and you’ll find two privacy option dropdowns. The first dropdown allows you to choose who can see the month and day of your birth, and the second dropdown controls who can see the year of your birth.

Troubled about making your birth date public? For everyone wondering how to hide your birthday on Twitter, the option set to ‘Only you’ is your solution. This makes your birth date visible only to you.

Step 5: Save Changes

Once you’ve adjusted the privacy settings to your liking, don’t forget to click or tap on ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of the screen.

Voila, you’ve now successfully hidden your birthday on Twitter! This simple approach to managing your Twitter privacy settings allows you to share only the information you are comfortable with.

Considerations on Twitter Privacy Settings

Now that you’ve mastered how to hide your birthday on Twitter, it’s time to think about other privacy settings on the platform. While hiding your birthday on Twitter is an excellent step towards strengthened privacy, there’s a lot more you can do to ensure a secure and controlled experience in the Twitterverse. Let’s dive into some essential considerations:

Protect Your Tweets

For users who want to keep their thoughts and opinions under wraps, Twitter provides the option to protect your tweets. By protecting your tweets, you can ensure that they are visible only to your approved followers. You can enable this feature by going to your privacy settings, locating the ‘Privacy and safety’ section, and checking the box next to ‘Protect your Tweets.’

Control Who Can Tag You in Photos

Twitter allows other users to tag you in photos, but you can limit who has this ability. Head to the ‘Privacy and safety’ settings and find ‘Photo tagging.’ Here, you can choose one of three options: allow anyone to tag you, allow only people you follow to tag you, or disable photo tagging altogether.

Direct Message Control

Receiving unsolicited messages from strangers can be unwelcome and unsettling. Navigate to your privacy settings and under ‘Direct Messages,’ you can control who is allowed to send you direct messages by checking the box next to ‘Receive messages from anyone.’

Manage Location Information

When you create a tweet, Twitter can attach your geographic location to it. If you’re concerned about privacy, it’s best to ensure that this feature is turned off. In the ‘Privacy and safety’ settings, find the ‘Precise location’ section and deselect the checkbox. Additionally, you can remove all location information from your previous tweets by clicking on the ‘Delete location information’ button.

The quest for knowing how to hide your birthday on Twitter is just the beginning; there’s so much more that the platform offers to ensure your privacy. Addressing these additional privacy settings on Twitter will empower you to enjoy the social media platform with confidence and peace of mind.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hide my birthday on Twitter?

Visit your Twitter account and navigate to your profile settings. Click ‘Edit Profile’ and adjust your birthday visibility to ‘Only you’ and then save changes. A detailed guide is provided in the article above.

 If I hide my birthday on Twitter, can I change it back later?

Absolutely. You can adjust your birthday visibility settings on Twitter at any time by following the same steps to change them in the first place.

 Does Twitter show the year of my birth to other users?

Twitter allows you to specify who can see both the date and the year of your birth separately. If you have your settings configured to ‘Only you,’ then neither the date nor the year will be visible to other users.

I have protected my tweets. Will my followers be able to see my birthday?

Protecting your tweets won’t affect who can see your birthday. You have to manually adjust your birthday visibility settings to control who can see it.

Can other people see my birthday on Twitter if they don’t have an account?

Only logged-in Twitter users might see your birthday based on your visibility settings. Non-users or those who aren’t logged in will only see the public information in your profile.

 Is it safe to disclose my birthday on Twitter?

Disclosing your birthday can potentially expose you to identity theft or other forms of cybercrime. It can also result in unsolicited messages or attention. It’s generally advisable to keep such personal information private.


In conclusion, it’s crucial to carefully manage your personal information on social media platforms like Twitter. Safeguarding your privacy by hiding your birthday and addressing other privacy settings can enhance the safety and security of your online presence. By being proactive about your digital privacy and following the guidelines and tips outlined in this article, you can engage on these platforms with confidence and peace of mind. Remember, online security starts with you, so be diligent and cautious when sharing personal information on social media.